Bob's Burgers I Hawk & Chick I Part 2
( Note this is not copyright ) Watch bob's burgers I Hawk & Chick I Season 5 - Episode 20 While Bob and Louise are at the Wonder Wharf farmers market, Louise notices an elderly Asian man who looks like Shinji "Koji" Kojima aka Rising Hawk, the star of their favorite martial arts movie series. The two follow Koji to his hotel, the Decency Inn. While trying to figure out how to talk to him, the former star grabs a mop, appearing ready to attack the two Belchers. It turns out though that Koji was just joking, and is pleased to have run into fans. Bob and Louise take Koji back to the restaurant for lunch where he meets the rest of the Belchers. While one of the Hawk and Chick movies is playing on the TV, The Belchers notice Koji tearing up. It turns out the reason the former star is in the area is that he wants to reconcile with his daughter Yuki aka Chick, whom he hasn't spoken to in thirty years since their relationship was strained after Koji and his wife divorced. Koji though is worried that Yuki won't want anything to do with him. Louise comes up with an idea; host a movie festival in the hope that Koji and Yuki will attend and makeup. The rest of the family agrees that it is a great idea.
Bob's Burgers