▶️ Bob's Burgers - Slumber Party - Part 2
Bob's Burgers - Season 4 - Episode 9 - Episode Name SlumberParty Note (This is not copyright) Worried that Louise does not have any friends, Linda throws a surprise slumber party consisting of four of Louise's female classmates, none of whom she likes: over-talkative Harley, "germaphobe" Jodi, compulsive braider Abby, and boring Jessica. Louise resolves to drive each girl away and end the party. She tells Jodi that her mother suffers from numerous infections, scares Harley into believing that Gene's secret, deformed, violent twin is about to be let out from the Belcher's basement, and refuses to allow Abby to braid her hair. Each girl demands to be driven home, leaving only Jessica, who went to bed early. English subtitles: Spanish subtitles: Danish subtitles:
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